Santa's Tree Farm and Village

Your Frequently asked questions, answered:

How are your trees priced?

Our trees in the regular fields are priced according to species, not size. Trees in the diamond lots and the pre-cut trees in the barn are priced by foot. Average prices for choose and cut trees are: cash purchase between $59.63 and $73.39 each; credit card purchase between $61.63 and $75.39 any size. Prices in diamond lots, pre-cuts and other varieties vary.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver! We still must insist you come visit us at Santa's Tree Farm and Village, so we can make certain you'll be satisfied with the tree of your choice. Click Here for delivery rates and information.

Do you sell pre-cut Christmas trees?

Pre-cut Christmas trees are a popular item and we have them in stock at fair prices. Most of our facility is dedicated to growing live Christmas trees.

What should I bring to the farm when I come to choose and cut my tree?

You may bring an old towel so that you can get it wet at the farm and wrap it around your tree for the drive home. This allows your tree to suck up water while in transport, keeping it as fresh as possible after its been cut. You can also bring a tarp or blanket to place on the top of your vehicle, under your tree, in the event you are tying your tree on top of your car for the drive home. It is also recommended that you measure the ceilings in your home before coming to the farm so that you are certain you're not cutting down a tree that is too tall for your house.And don't forget your camera! We provide a saw to use and twine for securing your tree to the vehicle however you may bring your own tie downs if you like.

What if I prefer not to cut my tree myself, or I'm physically unable?

Just inquire at the elves workshop, front stand or at one of the tree netting stations. Our elves will be happy to assist you.

Can I "tag" a tree and then pick it up at a later date?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your tree would not be purchased by another customer. We have many fields of trees, and many tree-shoppers freely wandering the fields.

Do you offer organically grown Christmas trees?

Our Concolor White Fir and Noble Fir Christmas trees are grown without the use of any herbicides or pesticides.

Do you have rope to tie the tree on the vehicle?

We have complimentary twine for all our tree-shoppers.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept VISA and MasterCard.

Are dogs allowed on the farm?

Yes, we are dog friendly! Santa, Mrs. Claus and all the Elves love dogs here at Santa's Tree Farm. We only ask that all dogs remain on a leash, for safety reasons.

How long will my tree last after I cut it down?

It will last much longer if you take care of it. It is best to put your tree in a water stand immediately after you cut it down, add tree preservative and consistently give your Christmas tree 8 glasses of water a day.

Any other tips to keep my tree fresh?

Bring an old towel to the Farm; you can soak the towel with water here. When you cut your tree, just wrap the wet towel around the bottom of the trunk for the ride home.

Can I take my child's picture with Santa?

Bring your camera! There is no cost for visiting and/or taking a picture with Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus.

Can I purchase fresh custom-made garland for my home?

We make garland from the greens right here on the farm! Garland is available in the elves workshop at pre-determined lengths. If you would like to order garland at specific lengths for your home decor we can custom make garland in virtually any size just call or order it in person at the elves workshop. Most custom orders are ready in just four days.

Do you have picnic facilities on the farm?

There are picnic tables for your use, at various places in the fields. If you would like to reserve the area for a private party, just give us a call and inquire about our party packages.

Do you offer any type of educational experience at the farm?

We hope every visit to Santa's Tree Farm and Village is an educational experience! Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the Elves all enjoy talking with curious customers about trees, farming and ecology, and the various crafts we practice here at Santa's Tree Farm.

If you would like to arrange an educational tour, birthday or corporate event, please call us during business hours for further information and pricing.

How do we get the trees from the fields to the netting station/cashier?

You may use your own vehicle or, if you prefer, we can bring your tree to the netting station aboard our complimentary tree shuttle.

Can I bring my own saw?

Can I bring my own saw? Yes of course. We have saws available to use, however you can bring your own saw as well if you would like.

How should I cut my tree?

Cut and remove your tree at its base. We will replace your tree with a new seedling.

Are you open when it's raining?

We are open rain or shine every day during our seasonal hours of operation. Our train, however, may not be running during heavy rain periods.


Santa's Tree Farm and Village is conveniently
located on Hwy 92 in Half Moon Bay
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November 18th to December 24th
Weekends 8-5 / Weekdays 9-5
Visa and Mastercard accepted Visa and MasterCard accepted