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Monterey Pine

Monterey Pine

At Santa's Tree Farm and Village we are happy to welcome back Pinus Radiata, commonly referred to as the Monterey Pine Christmas tree. A few years ago we stopped growing the Monterey Pine, as we saw so many of our customers falling in love with our fir trees. But we soon learned, there are still generations of holiday celebrants who want a good old Monterey Pine Christmas tree. So we began growing them again, and they are ready for harvest!

The bright green needles of the Monterey Pine are about four inches in length, making for a very full-bodied Christmas tree. Monterey Pines are the most widely planted pine tree in the world. Easy to grow as a Christmas tree, Monterey Pines were the first crop of Christmas trees grown at Santa's Tree Farm and Village back when we started out in 1970. No wonder tree-shoppers ask for the Monterey Pine, when they bring their children or grandchildren back to cut a tree at the very same farm where they first sawed down their own Christmas tree as a child!

The Monterey Pine tree originated in Monterey, California, and it grows fast in our local climate. The trees take only three to four years to reach a typical height of seven feet tall. At Santa's Tree Farm and Village, we have Monterey Pines nine to eleven feet tall, and sometimes even taller.

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