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Noble Fir

Noble Fir

Just as Santa requires his elves to work hard, to make the very best toys for good little girls and boys, Noble Fir Christmas trees require Santa to work hard. Only by providing the best conditions can Santa grow strong and healthy Noble Fir Christmas trees. What Noble Firs need most of all is good soil drainage. That's why, at Santa's Tree Farm and Village, you might find that perfect Noble Fir Christmas tree growing on a hillside. We carefully tend these trees so they can flourish in the California climate. The reward is a Christmas tree of unique beauty!

The Noble Fir is an elegant, formal-looking tree. Its stiff branches, with the strongest needles of any Fir, are the very best for hanging heavy ornaments. The needles are a dark green color, and they turn upward to reveal regular openings between branches at different levels. Noble Fir branches are prized for making wreaths, door swags and garlands because the needles stay attached for a long time. Sometimes Noble Fir Christmas trees appear to have a hint of silver in them because of two white rows of stomata on the undersides of their needles.

At Santa's Tree Farm and Village, Noble Firs are long-time tenants of the land. It takes about twelve years to grow a Noble Fir to a height of seven feet, suitable for a typical living room. During those years, Santa and his helpers give the Noble Fir tree all it needs to join you and your family for the perfect Christmas holiday. We don't give our trees anything they don't need; all Noble Fir trees grown at Santas Tree Farm and Village are naturally pesticide free!

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